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Latest Updates

California’s eviction protection efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic fall short

January 28, 2021


Being unable to pay rent should not be a death sentence. And yet, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Californians are wondering how long it will be before they...

Strong Majority of Californians Support Millionaire's Tax

June 8, 2020

Our state is at a crossroads. Californians have taken to the streets, protesting the systemic racism that infiltrates every American institution; and the coronavirus crisis has exposed and exacerbated the gaping inequality that millions in our communities face every day. The people of the Golden...

Strong Majority of Voters Support Defunding, Disarming the Police

July 28, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO -- Instead of relying on policing and punishment, San Francisco’s public safety depends on significant new investments in our community safety net. To San Franciscans, it’s clear: we must end the city’s reliance on police forces to handle mental health emergencies, homelessness, maintenance...

Electeds Across California Back a Statewide Millionaire's Tax

July 1, 2020

SACRAMENTO - Five prominent City Councilmembers spanning the Golden State today announced their support for a Millionaire’s Tax -- which would raise up to $6 billion annually -- to protect vital public and community services. 

The coronavirus crisis has exposed and exacerbated the gaping inequality that...